Preventative fall maintenance helps you get the most out of your HVAC equipment. In this guide, you’ll discover four reasons why you’ll benefit from scheduling preventative maintenance every year before winter arrives in Garland, TX.

Energy Perks

If an HVAC unit is under a lot of stress when it heats up a home, it will use more energy. The best way to reduce or prevent stress in order to save energy is by seeking preventative maintenance before you power up your HVAC in the fall.

An HVAC technician implements multiple procedures to optimize a system for fall and winter heating cycles. The most vital tasks include:

  • Tightening weak connections
  • Airflow tests
  • Air filter maintenance
  • System control tests
  • Thermostat calibration

Better Comfort

When an HVAC system has restricted airflow, air leaks, or defective components, it won’t be able to produce heat at the maximum capacity. If a technician services a heating system at the start of fall, it will function effectively and efficiently through the winter and beyond.

Improved Air Quality

In the fall and winter, an HVAC system can blast harsh contaminants in the air. This happens when loose particulates bypass the filter. Typically, particulates can float by a filter if it’s clogged.

Following a preventive HVAC maintenance routine, everyone will breathe easier as a system heats up a home. Pollen, dust and other contaminants will less likely trigger allergies because a technician will replace the filter if it’s clogged. You should check your filter monthly and change as needed, usually every three months.

Longer Equipment Life Span

An HVAC system has many parts that must be maintained. If a component isn’t cleaned or properly lubricated, problems will occur. Without lubrication, most parts will generate friction, and the lack of cleaning can reduce airflow. When a system suffers from both of these problems, in time it will break down.

To schedule preventative maintenance, contact Metro Air Conditioning today. If your system needs replacement parts during a maintenance, we’ll also offer discounts.

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