Your Dallas, TX, home or business ductwork is a crucial part of the HVAC system. Ductwork distributes conditioned air to various rooms in your home or your business facility. Like every other component of your HVAC system, however, they also get damaged in several ways.

1. Poor Maintenance

National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends professionally cleaning ductwork at least once every three to five years. Failure to periodically maintain your ducts may lead to damages.

2. Old Age

Like everything else, ductwork has a shelf life. Most ductworks have a lifespan of about 20–25 years before requiring replacement. With prolonged use of the ducts, some parts may become weak and start to collapse.

The collapsing of some ductwork can lead to restriction of airflow. If your ducts are getting old, consider taking preventive measures, and replace them.

3. Ductwork Damage From Impact

Ducts get exposed in the basements of your home or business premises. Therefore, it’s not strange for them to get damaged at such points of exposure. Damages may also result from aggressive cleaning, causing holes, leaking connections or a dented section.

Remember that if your basement has moisture, it may lead to rust on the points of exposure. If you notice inefficiencies in your HVAC system or increased utility bills, it could be due to damaged ductwork. Consider contacting a specialist to help you inspect and determine the problem.

4. Blocked Ductwork

In the case of ineffective air filters, particles such as dust and debris may build up inside the system, causing physical damage. Such particles lead to poor indoor air quality that in turn increase health complications such as asthma and allergies. Contact an experienced duct cleaning company to wipe out all built-up contaminants.

5. Animals

Small insects and critters may enter your ductwork system and cause damages. It’s easy to notice some small animals scampering through, but others, such as ants and insects, may be difficult to hear. In the case of ants and insects, you may notice them exiting or going through the vents.

When you notice animals or pests in your ductwork, contact your technician for cleaning and sealing to prevent further damage. Inspections and cleaning require an experienced HVAC specialist.

If your ductwork becomes damaged, contact the team at Metro Air Conditioning. Our team of professionals will help you assess the damages and recommend repairs or replacement.

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