You might associate allergies with the great outdoors, but allergen concentrations can be much higher indoors than out. Today’s energy-efficient Dallas homes are often short on ventilation. That allows allergens to accumulate indoors where they make you sneeze and cause your eyes to water, but that’s not all.

The Impact of Insufficient Indoor Ventilation on Allergy Sufferers

Back in the days of leaky and poorly insulated homes, heated and cooled air went out the window, but the allergens went out the window too. In modern, tightly-sealed Dallas homes that lack ventilation, allergens can build to dense levels that make allergic reactions a year-round ordeal.

Airborne Contaminants That Cause Poor Indoor Air Quality

Airtight homes can harbor allergens like pet dander, dust mites, pollen, and spores. Indoor air can also contain lead, asbestos, radon, volatile organic compounds, fumes and gasses that can irritate your skin, cause respiratory problems and make you feel ill. Indoor air can also be loaded with viruses, bacteria, and spores that can literally make you sick.

How Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers Can Keep Your Dallas Home Healthy

Air cleaners typically remove larger airborne particles like pet dander and pollen by trapping them in a dense filter as they circulate through your home’s ductwork. Air purifiers often use UV lights to kill biological pollutants like bacteria and viruses as these agents pass by UV lights installed in ductwork. Although both systems effectively remove indoor contaminants, neither system does the whole job by itself.

Trane State-of-the-Art Air Cleaning Technology

The Trane CleanEffects system is a breakthrough patented technology that zaps allergens and contaminants in the air electronically. This system will remove up to 99.98 percent of airborne toxins from your home, and it has been performance verified by the Harvard School of Public Heath. If you want rid of agents that make you sneeze, itch, cough, get sick and feel lousy, CleanEffects will do the trick.

To learn more about all the different ways you can have an allergen-free Dallas, Texas, home, visit Metro Air Conditioning or call us to schedule an indoor air quality assessment.

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