It’s comforting to enter your warm home in Dallas, Texas, on a cold winter day. Keeping your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in good working order ensures that it will perform efficiently when you most need it. Here are a few HVAC maintenance tasks that homeowners can do to keep their systems up and running all winter long.

Keep HVAC Filters Clean

Keeping HVAC filters clean is one of the easiest—and most important—DIY tasks a homeowner can do. Filters are the first line of defense for keeping your furnace and air conditioning equipment clean. Dirty filters are the primary reason for HVAC repairs.

Filters capture airborne pollutants and keep them from entering the system. Clogged filters impede airflow and affect the pressure of a system, which lowers performance and comfort. Pollutants bypass the filter and coat components, affecting heat exchange. This overtaxes the unit, eventually leading to a breakdown. Simply cleaning or changing filters as recommended lowers energy usage by up to 15%.

Schedule Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance done by a heating and cooling professional keeps your HVAC system performing efficiently. During a heating system maintenance appointment, trained technicians examine, clean and calibrate each element of the system, including:

  • Combustion system.
  • Plenum and vents.
  • Gas pressure and connections.
  • Heat exchanger.
  • Electrical connections, voltage and wiring.
  • Thermostat.
  • Condensate drain and tubing.
  • Oil fans and other moving parts.
  • Ensure unit starts, cycles and shuts down properly.

Well-maintained units use less energy to operate, saving money on utilities. In addition, they break down less often, which saves money on repairs and ensures your comfort. Maintenance also extends the service life of a system, deferring the expense of buying a new unit.

Metro Air Conditioning is a full-service HVAC company, providing new installations, repairs and maintenance of residential heating and cooling equipment in the Dallas area. We also offer indoor air quality services, including duct installation.

To schedule preventive maintenance, call (214) 948-8888. Our certified technicians are available 24 hours a day for emergencies. We also offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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