Ductless mini-split systems are energy efficient and give you greater control over heating and cooling your home since you can adjust the thermostat for individual rooms or areas. In Arlington, TX, a ductless system is better than a portable unit for many reasons.

1. Convenience

Ductless heating systems aren’t set up on the floor where you can trip over them or burn yourself, making them more convenient. If you accidentally tip over your space heater, you need to contact the manufacturer to service it.

A ductless system also has air conditioning capabilities, unlike a space heater. You don’t need to worry about buying a separate air conditioning system for staying comfortable during the cold Arlington, TX, winters when you choose a ductless heat pump.

2. Energy Efficiency

If you plan on using more than one space heater in your home during the winter, your energy bills will become expensive. A space heater is only suitable to use a few hours a day.

It becomes too cold in Arlington, TX, to rely on a space heater as your only source of heat. You should only ever use a space heater as supplemental heat.

ENERGY STAR reports that ductless mini-split systems use 60% less energy than standard heating systems. Their air conditioning side is also more energy-efficient. Ductless systems use 30% less energy than standard room air conditioners.

3. Indoor Comfort

Because space heaters are only for supplemental heating, you’ll have better indoor comfort with a ductless system. Space heaters, especially electric models, don’t deliver as powerful of heat as ductless heating systems.

As Minnesota Power states, an electric space heater generates 3.4 BTUs of heat for every watt of electricity. A 1,500-watt space heater would generate 5,100 BTUs of heat per hour. Compare this to the 12,000–56,000 BTUs per hour that a ductless system can generate, and the space heater comes up wanting.

4. Indoor Air Quality

Space heaters don’t have any features to protect your indoor air quality. Kerosene space heaters pose a carbon monoxide poisoning risk if you use them incorrectly. For instance, you shouldn’t leave a kerosene heater on while sleeping.

Ductless systems are safer and better for your indoor air quality. They have an air filter that captures some pollutants before they circulate through the home. You need to clean the air filter on a monthly basis to keep it doing its job.

Ductless heating systems have many benefits over portable space heaters in Arlington, TX. They keep your home comfortable and don’t use a lot of energy. Contact Metro Air Conditioning for more information on installing a ductless mini-split system.

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