Nexia home automation application system is taking the world by storm. This all-in-one home automation app gives you the comfort of monitoring and controlling your home’s lights, locks, garage door and temperature from anywhere in the world. This review will provide detailed information about how the Nexia home automation app works for residents of Dallas, TX.

What Is a Smart Home Automation System?

A home automation system allows you to connect electric appliances in your home to internet-enabled devices so that you can access them at any time from wherever you are. For example, our Trane ComfortLink Zoning Control has an in-built Nexia Bridge that provides homeowners with the comfort and convenience of managing their indoor comfort remotely through their smartphone and tablets.

What Is Z-Wave?

Z-wave is a next-generation wireless technology that debuted in 2002, and it continues to evolve. The wireless technology allows the communication of electronic devices in your home through low powered radio waves, which can travel through floors, walls, and cabinets.

Why Choose Z-Wave Technology for Nexia?

Z-Wave is ideal for many companies that provide home automation products. This fact makes it an ideal choice for Nexia as well. Through Z-Wave technology, Nexia can comfortably connect to products from different brands. It offers a great range, operates on low power, and you do not have to worry about other wireless devices’ interference.

Which Home Activities Does Nexia Home Intelligence Control?

This home intelligence automation system gives you the comfort of accessing, controlling, and monitoring smart electric products through your tablet, computer or smartphone. Nexia allows the interconnection of smart home appliances, and this provides comfort, efficiency and security. It allows you to control what is happening in your homes because it alerts you when there is tampering, you need to change your furnace or AC filter, or when there is smoke or carbon monoxide detection.

Is It Difficult to Install Nexia Home Intelligence Control?

No. You can comfortably install this Home Intelligence feature by yourself. Nexia manufacturers provide you with an account setup wizard, and you can use installation videos and other documents that take you through the installation process. Thus, unlike other home automation systems, Nexia has the advantage of simple and fast installation.

It is possible to save more on your home insurance, thanks to the Nexia home automation system. If you reside in Dallas, TX, and want to learn more about the installation, maintenance, and benefits of home automation, contact us at Metro Air Conditioning Heating & Services.

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