If the 20th century home were defined by electricity, the 21st century home is defined by the internet. Nearly everything in your Irving, TX home can be connected online to give you unprecedented access even while you’re away. For example, did you know that newer systems let you control individual light fixtures and electric receptacles? Better yet, software updates and modular components unlock new features and new possibilities on a regular basis.

Total Control from Anywhere

Nexia home automation devices provide a wide array of features — all backed up by one of the strongest security standards currently available. Using your smartphone or computer, you’ll be able to see which lights are currently turned on in your house. Some models even show you how bright a dimmer switch is set!

Backing up this powerful suite of controls is a comprehensive log of when devices were accessed. You’ll be able to see when somebody opened the garage door or when a security camera detected motion. Nexia’s current Bridge standard allows you to connect more than 200 devices to your home automation system at the same time.

Net Savings

The Trane programmable thermostat offers one of the easiest ways in the world to save money. Because it runs on a schedule, this thermostat will allow you to run your system only when you’re home. That means that you’re not wasting electricity while you’re at work, school, or a movie theater. That could add up to hundreds of dollars of savings every year.

Improved Security

Home security systems offer increasingly powerful and affordable ways to keep your home and family safe. Home automation better integrates these systems into your home and lets you access every camera, light, and alarm from a single app. You could even save on your homeowners insurance premium with a Nexia home automation system. Want to learn more about cutting-edge home automation? Check out Metro Air Conditioning’s home automation page, or give us a call.

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