In warm-weather regions like Dallas, TX, heat pumps have long been a favorite choice for cooling and heating. They can keep you chill all summer and provide welcoming warmth during the winter too. Today, new energy-saving features are making heat pump installations more popular than ever. Learn how the latest heat pump technology and innovations save you money and improve your indoor comfort year-round.

Heat Pump Technology with Two-Stage Compressors

In the past, heat pump compressors operated at a single speed. They switched on when the thermostat called for heating or cooling and switched off when the system reached the desired temperature. Models with dual-stage compressors allow heat pumps to run more consistently, eliminating the discomfort of on/off operation. Because they run on low speed the majority of the time, they conserve energy and save you money too.

Multi-Speed Compressors

Representing the latest advancement in heat pump technology, variable-speed compressors change speeds in increments as small as 1/10 of 1°. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we’re proud to offer the best versions of these energy-stingy heat pumps. Topping the charts when it comes to efficiency are Trane’s TruComfort systems. They speed up or slow down the compressor to keep temperatures within 1/2° of the thermostat setting.

Variable-Speed Motors

Compressors aren’t the only heat pump components getting the variable-speed treatment. In a variety of heat pump models, the motor that powers the blower operates at variable speeds too. This innovative feature allows you to enjoy a quiet, gentle delivery of air when heating or cooling demands are moderate. The blower automatically ramps up to full speed to keep you comfortable on the hottest days or coldest nights of the year.

A heat pump installation from Metro Air Conditioning, Heating & Services can lower your energy bills and raise your level of comfort. To explore your money-saving options, check out our selection of heat pumps or call (214) 948-8888 today!

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