Whether you’re hosting out-of-town guests or leaving town yourself, your HVAC still needs attention. Winter temps in Dallas can be bone-chilling, and the occasional freezing rain doesn’t help. Ensure that your home stays cozy and your utility bills stay manageable by following these simple tips:

Call for Heating System Maintenance

Having your heater serviced is the best way to keep it strong and healthy. Your technician will scope out potential problems, and conduct a thorough cleaning. Your system will be inspected, calibrated and adjusted for high-efficiency performance. Many heater breakdowns can be avoided with annual maintenance.

Perform Heating System Repair

Even if a problem doesn’t seem serious, it can quickly escalate. The sooner you get any needed heating system repairs out of the way, the less damage they can cause. Heater issues always get worse. If you’re not sure whether your heater has a problem that needs attention, call us for troubleshooting help.

Test Your Indoor Air Quality

The last thing you want during the seasonal festivities is poor indoor air. Guests with allergies and asthma are particularly vulnerable to airborne pollutants like dander, dust, spores and mites. Have your home checked for contaminants and keep indoor air fresh and healthy. It’s a good idea to check your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms, too.

Adjust the Thermostat

Save on heating costs by turning back the thermostat while baking goodies and preparing holiday meals. Save even more by installing a programmable thermostat. It can automatically turn back the heat when no one is home and while everyone is asleep. A Wi-Fi thermostat lets you control the climate in your home from anywhere with your smartphone. If you’re out of town and the temps plummet unexpectedly, you can turn up the heat even if you’re not there.

At Metro Air Conditioning, our comprehensive annual maintenance plans are specifically designed to maximize the life of your equipment. Call (214) 948-8888 to learn more about our preventive maintenance plans or to schedule a tuneup in Greater Dallas.

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