Keeping your AC system’s energy efficiency high offers multiple benefits for you and your family during our hot, humid Dallas summers. That’s why it pays to plan ahead to make sure your system gets all the vital air conditioning maintenance it needs for maximum energy efficiency and optimal effectiveness during the summer months.

Give Your Air Filter Regular Attention

Your AC air filter not only collects the dirt, dust, and debris that you and your family might otherwise be breathing — improving indoor air quality — but it also helps your system breathe easier too. By preventing compromised airflow through the system, a clean filter protects the critical AC components that need to work smoothly for your system to function at maximum energy efficiency. Cleaning or changing your AC filter according to a regular schedule will help keep you consistently cooler and more comfortable while costing you less in utilities. This is a real win-win that will be well worth the few minutes it takes you to complete this simple AC maintenance task each month.

Keep Your AC System Clean at All Times

Doing a little HVAC housecleaning on a regular basis — just as you do with the rest of your home — will go a long way toward keeping your system functioning efficiently. Keeping your outdoor unit free of shrubbery and other types of debris buildup, vacuuming around return-air vents and registers, cleaning the AC coils and keeping the condensate drain clear will pay off in unhindered airflow, unimpeded cooling and more dependable drainage, which will add up to a more efficient system.

Schedule Regular Professional AC Tune-Ups

Moving beyond the above do-it-yourself air conditioning maintenance tasks by scheduling regular preventive maintenance checks with an HVAC professional will help take your system to the next level of energy efficient operation by reducing wear and tear on the equipment and helping you avoid common AC problems that lower system effectiveness. An annual AC tune-up is a must for getting the most from your system.

Learn more about the benefits of professional AC maintenance to maintain energy efficiency or call Metro Air Conditioning Heating & Services at (214) 948-8888 to schedule your service.

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