Ductwork is important in circulating warm and cool air throughout your home to regulate your home temperature and improve your comfort. There are various types of ductwork, including sheet metal, fiberglass and flexible ductwork. Here are the differences between fiberglass, metal and flexible ductwork in Irving, TX.


This type of duct consists of galvanized steel or aluminum with an added fiberglass lining either on the outside or inside. The lining limits heat loss and keeps the air at the correct temperature to prevent condensation and reduce the sound of the HVAC system. They require regular cleaning by service technicians to prevent releasing fibrous hairs in the indoor air and prevent the growth of biological contaminants.

Flexible Ductwork

Flexible ducts are usually round tubes made up of steel spring coil covered in thick plastic that is both flexible and durable. They are also covered with insulation to keep the air at the preferred temperature. They are typically easy to install and very affordable.

Flexible ducts are ideal to use in tight places where rigid ducts would be impossible to install. Their plastic material is resistant to the growth of biological growth and thus improves your indoor air quality. Flexible ducts are less susceptible to air leakages, although they are prone to bends that may restrict proper airflow.

Sheet Metal Ducts

These are typically made of either galvanized steel or aluminum, which is lightweight and easy to install. Like flexible ducts, they are resistant to biological growth because of their non-porous material, which improves your indoor air quality. Metal ductwork is more durable than flexible and fiberglass ductwork because it holds its shape and cannot be easily crushed.

Metal ductwork has a smooth surface that is easy to clean. They are, however, more prone to leaks where two sections connect.

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