Sometimes the temptation to perform your own DIY home repairs is strong. Whether you’re motivated by the desire to save money on a professional repair, or you just enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes with fixing something with your own two hands, DIY checklists are something everyone enjoys. However, there are HVAC system repairs, maintenance and installations that should never fall under the heading of DIY tasks.

Furnace Gas Connections

If your home relies on gas-powered heat, you may already be aware of the dangers of anything going wrong. Not only is gas incredibly flammable, but a leak can cause serious health problems and is largely undetectable. Even if you’re tempted to work on one of the gas connections going to your furnace, you should leave those repairs to a professional.

Cracked Furnace Heater Exchange

So, you’ve done a Google search about the problems you’re experiencing with your furnace and deduced that the issue lies with your heater exchange. You may have run across directions on how to fix that problem, but unless you’re an HVAC service tech, you should never take on a job of that magnitude on your own. If you fail to repair the heater exchange correctly, you may be setting yourself up for a gas leak or a house fire.

Replacing an HVAC System

Yes, there have been instances of people deciding to install a new HVAC system on their own. However, a lot of planning goes into installing a new system that you may not be aware of. Not only do you need to be sure that you choose the correct size when buying a new system, but you will need an intricate knowledge of how ductwork operates and its layout to ensure that your house receives consistent airflow throughout.

While some DIY maintenance tasks such as changing air filters are fine to handle on your own, most HVAC repairs require professional assistance. Call Metro Air Conditioning and Heating Services today to find out about all of our repair, installation and maintenance services.

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