When you walk into your home after a long day of work, you want to experience a comfortable level of heating and cooling. Unfortunately, achieving instant comfort every time you walk in the door can be costly with a traditional thermostat. Thermostats that do not offer automation or programming features require you to keep the air conditioning or heating going strong all day to keep your home comfortable when you get home. The good news is that home automation from Nexia using a Trane programmable thermostat offers smart home technology that can save you money without sacrificing your comfort.

Enjoy Convenience of Home Automation

A smart thermostat gives you the opportunity to program the temperature in your home up to a week in advance. Multiple modes can be set for different times throughout each day, so you can program your thermostat to turn your heating and cooling up and down at pinpointed times based on your changing schedule. If your schedule changes at the last minute, you can adjust the settings remotely with the touch of a button or two on your phone or tablet.

Save Money

When you use home automation, you can keep your heating and cooling system turned down when no one is home. Scaling back on home heating and cooling during times when your home is unoccupied results in less energy use and reduced utility bills. As an added benefit, smart thermostats can even send you reminders or alerts about cleaning air filters or getting your HVAC system maintained to keep the system running more efficiently and reduce the possibility that costly repairs will be needed.

Increase Comfort

The remote operation of a Trane programmable thermostat through Nexia means more comfort for you and your family. You can adjust the heating and cooling in your home according to weather patterns and make changes at the last minute to ensure anyone who arrives home earlier than expected will come home to comfort.

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