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Home automation has been around for years for lighting and small appliances. The same technology that for decades has automatically brewed your morning coffee has grown to include the convenience and safety of managing your home’s climate from virtually anywhere.

Home Zoning Provides the Ultimate in Comfort

When you flip on a light in the kitchen, you don’t expect the light in the bathroom to come on, do you? So why do you have to settle for the same temperature in your bedroom and your exercise room? With an automated smart home, you don’t.

Working in conjunction with Nexia’s smart home technology, Trane’s wireless thermostats allow you to set a different temperature for each zone in your home. With home zoning, you can also program your home to be active or inactive based on your schedule. For example, when you’re in your home office during the day, you can set your bedroom to be inactive. Innovative smart thermostats from Trane offer the ability to program up to six schedules a day seven days a week. When your needs and lifestyle change, you can easily move rooms between zones or create new zones with the touch of a button on a touch-screen display.

Take Control of Your Comfort with Trane’s Wireless Thermostats

With recent advances in home automation, what used to be the home of the future is now a reality, and Trane’s Wi-Fi thermostats make that reality a very comfortable place. Innovative and economical, wireless thermostats deliver instant comfort at the touch of a button. Is the humidity level in your home too high? Are you suddenly called away from home in the middle of the day? Did the temperature unexpectedly drop while you’re at work? None of these situations create a problem with smart thermostats from Trane. Easy to use and highly customizable, you can quickly make adjustments no matter where you are on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Regardless of what life throws at you, you can stay connected and in control of your comfort.

Monitor Your Energy Usage with Smart Thermostats

Knowing your energy consumption is critical considering that 60 percent of your energy bill stems from heating and cooling your home. Trane smart thermostats offer energy-saving modes that reduce energy use. Plus, Nexia diagnostics monitor your HVAC system and alerts you to problems as they develop. Working together, Trane and Nexia allow you to monitor your energy consumption and costs and make informed decisions.

When you pair Trane comfort products with a Nexia smart home system, you increase your family’s safety, save money and energy, and achieve the ultimate in comfort. Whether you want to add new equipment or upgrade existing equipment to your Dallas, Irving, Garland, Plano, Arlington, Rockwall, McKinney, Lewisville, Waxahachie and surrounding area home, call one of our technicians today to learn more about the home automation system we offer at Metro Air Conditioning.


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