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Put simply, your ducts are responsible for distributing the heat and cool air flow throughout your home from your central systems. If they were improperly installed, improperly sized, or have become damaged over the years, they may be the source of your home comfort problems.

It’s not uncommon that many homeowners and business owners think they need a new heating or cooling system when, really, they’re just experiencing faulty ductwork. Our Dallas HVAC specialists can make this assessment and install the properly working ductwork to increase efficiency.

Duct Work Residential

Types of Ductwork We Install

There have been a number of advancements over the years in producing ducts from other materials besides metal. Each of these different types carries with them pros and cons, but it really just comes down to what you are expecting to get out of your home systems. Our team can help with that.

Fiberglass Ductwork:

Fiberglass ducts are a smart choice for modern homes. They have built-in sound absorption, thermal insulation, and are of great value for the money spent.

Flexible Ductwork:

These systems are versatile and mobile, but because they are lined with plastic, they’re difficult to repair and lose air pressure. They’re recommended most for short lengths and to connect to other, more efficient forms of ductwork.

Metal Ductwork:

These are formed from metal sheets and are really popular in older homes. They have the ability to contract and expand to air flow temperature and naturally resist rodents.

The Benefits of Proper Ductwork

While they tend to go ignored, these really could be the key to finally enjoying the comfortable heat and air that you’ve been paying to get out of your system, but that you haven’t been getting.

In addition to added comfort, installing or replacing proper ductwork could mean:

  • Longevity of your Dallas heating and air conditioning systems
  • Increased efficiency, which means decreased utility bills
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Less required maintenance and repairs

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