Heating Services Including Repair and Installation in Metro Dallas TX. And All Surrounding Areas

Your central heating system keeps your home warm when the winter weather is unpredictable, so you need your central heater to be reliable. Whether you need your heater repaired or you need a new heating system, it is important to call an experienced, knowledgeable heating contractor who will get the job done right the first time they come out. When you call the pros at Metro Air Conditioning, you can count on getting what you need whether it’s a repair, installation, or maintenance services for your home.


Heating Repair

Metro Air Conditioning has a professional service department with professional technicians who fix the problem quickly and efficiently. When your heater breaks down in the winter, it is an aggravation that can turn into a disaster if you can’t get a heating technician to come out in a timely manner. That is why we respond to every heater repair call promptly and do our best to work with you during your time of need. If you have an emergency, we are available 24/7 for serious situations.

During harsh winter weather, hidden problems with furnaces and heat pumps can develop, wreaking havoc during severe weather.

These are some of the problems we find and fix during freezing winter weather:

Heat Pumps

  • Our technicians fix broken compressors and address low refrigerant levels.
  • They also replace contacts that are burned out, and repair problems with motors.


  • When it comes to furnaces we fix failed relays and faulty ignition systems, repair cracked heat exchangers, clear filter clogs, and correct problems with B-vent systems.
  • We also fix faulty burners and address any other furnace issues you may be experiencing.

Heating Installation

During extreme winter conditions, your heating system must have enough capacity to heat your home, sometimes more than 30 to 40 degrees. That is why Metro Air Conditioning provides the best possible heating solutions made with the highest quality components and workmanship. Our professional technicians are specially trained to ensure that your new heating installation carefully adheres to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

We sell energy-efficient Energy Star-rated and approved products which helps ensure budget-conscious consumers are getting the lowest possible utility bills. Our specialized technicians engineer every heating system installation strategically to maximize efficiency by taking into account the effects of envelope tightness, door drafts, building insulation effectiveness, gaps around windows, and other factors into the total heating load.

Heating Maintenance

The best investment you can make to your heating equipment is a practical maintenance plan, which will help to extend the life of your equipment. It is extremely important to have your heat pump,or furnace inspected annually. Neglecting heating equipment results in higher operating costs and in higher repair bills.

Your Metro Air Conditioning maintenance appointment helps keep your heating equipment working at peak performance, so you stay comfortable no matter how cold it is outside. Before the winter weather, our technicians visit your home to perform diagnostic tests and inspections designed to locate unseen problems in any of the components of your heating system. This helps us diagnose issues that cause major malfunctions during the worst weather.

Here are a few of the things routine maintenance helps resolve:

  • Help to prevent breakdowns during freezing temperatures
  • Correct low energy efficiency so you save more on your utility bill
  • Reduce the operating noise of your equipment
  • Inspect your unit for safety annually
  • Properly maintain the components to extend the life of your unit
  • Help you save on your monthly utility bills
  • Improve the air quality in your space
  • Service all manufacturer warranty requirements

Total Heating Solutions

Call the pros at Metro Air Conditioning when it’s time for your Dallas, Irving, Garland, Plano, Arlington, Rockwall, McKinney, Lewisville, Waxahachie and surrounding area home’s complete heating service needs. We will answer all of your questions and schedule a convenient appointment with one of our comfort specialists.

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