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Indoor air quality systems have become quite popular over the years as more and more homeowners realize the level of contaminants that heaters and air conditioners can sometimes pump into homes. It happens with the simple passage of time as air filters gather dust and pollutants from outside. Indoor air filters eliminate these contaminants and deliver cleaner, healthier breathing air in your home.

Our Dallas HVAC experts have been providing our friends and neighbors comfortable air in their homes and business since 1990. We’re proud to now offer these systems as a means of furthering our mission statement to provide comfortable and clean air.


Benefits of Indoor Air Quality Systems

These systems mostly serve as beneficial for getting rid of the harmful, airborne toxins that exist in most homes. In fact, it’s been shown that pollutants are considerably more concentrated indoors than outdoors, magnifying the potential health risks associated with breathing them.

Indoor air quality systems provide home and business owners:

  • Easier breathing
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Reduced odors
  • Elimination of allergens
  • Balanced humidity
  • Sometimes reduced energy costs

If any of these potential benefits particularly stand out, you may want to consider specialized indoor air quality systems. They come in different forms, and while the specific objectives of these different systems vary, the overall goal of all of them is to control the quality of air in your home.

The Various Forms of Indoor Air Quality

Your home is likely littered with unseen, microscopic pollutants. Making up this group include dust mites, spores, bacteria, viruses, and gaseous pollutants like adhesives, paints, varnishes, and cleaning products.

Depending on what you’re looking to address in your home, consider the following systems:

Air Filtration Devices:

These work to filter the air being distributed through your vents and coming from your HVAC systems. They’re best for reducing particles and gases.

Other Air Cleaners:

Coming in a variety of forms, they attack gases and particles as well, but also fight against biologicals such as bacteria and spores.

Air Humidifiers:

These work to control the level of humidity in your home, usually keeping it at a healthy 30%. Excessive humidity in your home contributes to spores and other hazards.

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